53 Wish us a Happy Anniversary!

Lord have mercy, we did it! No one is more surprised that Sunshine and Pumpkin could post a new podcast each and every week than we are. We continue to have a great time talking to anyone who will listen and getting us all a little sloshed in the process. Our one year anniversary episode brings some of our listeners into the lounge to help with the drinking and shenanigans. Our drink of the week comes to you from our very own listeners. Raul and Starshine stop by to help us celebrate, not to mention try to reveal our secrets. Nice Try you guys. We promise to keep going as long as we are able.

Click HERE to play Wiki Tiki, its a little like Tetris and a little like Bejeweled.

Drink of the Week
Topless Mai Tai
2oz pineapple juice
2oz OJ
1.5oz light rum
1oz mango rum
In a shaker with ice, toss together the light rum, juices. Pour over ice, then top with mango rum, pouring slowly over drink. Do not stir.