44 Tikis unite to fight the "NEW" Food Insecurity

Where are all the Tiki Bars going? If you haven't noticed, all the Tiki Bars in Southern California are closing. Why? To many reasons to count, but there are still some good ones left. Check out the link to critiki.com below to find a good Tiki Bar near you. George Bush declared that no one in America is hungry because hunger is now called "food insecurity." Thank God W is looking out for the 35 million Americans who don't get enough to eat everyday. Sunshine has a great idea for all those old and fat people riding the electric wheelchairs.....cocktail holders! We also send out a plea to get our friend Amy a date.

Drink of the Week
Bangkok Banger Deux
3oz Sprite
3oz Cherry Juice
1oz Vodka
1/2oz Gin
1/2oz Light Rum
1/2oz Grand Marnier
Add Sprite to tall glass. In a shaker combine vodka, gin, rum, cherry juice and grand marnier and shake with ice. Pour slowly over Sprite, keeping a layer of clear bubbly on the bottom. Garnish with a strawberry and parasol.