45 Drunky is as Drunky does!!!

This week we experience the magic of Renn Loa and the Hawaii Project. This great band has a lead singer with a nice set of pipes. We play two of their songs this week, one for our cocktail and another simply for your listening pleasure. The drink this week isn't worth making, but we gotta honest. We wouldn't want to tell you to try something this awful. We also give some ideas for holiday shopping, what to get the person you don't really care for? Sunshine goes on a long rant about the insane notion of "GUYS GONE WILD." Last but not least, Pumpkin gives us the whole background cousin Jerry the retarded cousin on Facts of Life.


Drink of the Week
Poinsettia Martini
It's to nasty to drink.
Make your own drink this week, trust us.