43 A big gay christmas in the WOODS!

Sunshine has returned from his week in the WOODS. And what a wonderful romp through nature it was. Plenty of creatures, trees, campfires and lets not forget the cocktails. Think its hard to take your tiki bar with you when away from home? Poppycock! Sunshine tells you how to pack up a mini tiki bar when on the road, even when camping. Pumpkin found some interesting info on the very very gay Christmas scents of Elton John. Yes thats right, your home can now smell like Elton Johns home during the holidays. Just don't ask us what the secret ingredients are in his magical holiday candles.

Drink of the Week
Classic Bay Breeze
2oz Vodka
3oz cranberry juice
3oz pineapple
crushed ice
pour vodka and juice over ice, stir and get toasted