42 Send the politicians to IRAQ! Let them die.

The entire country is in political chaos. You didn't notice? Well put that cocktail down for a moment and read a paper. Better yet read some news from outside our fun little part of the world. Our own media won't tell it like it is, but we will. Just to make sure this episode isn't to heavy for you we also delve into the some very important issues like pleated pants, Taco Bell horse meat and retarded commercials. Our drink this week is sure to make you feel all warm an cozy on a cool Autumn evening.

Drink of the Week
Spiked Apple Cider
1-2oz 100 proof cinnamon schnapps
4-6oz Organic apply juice or cider
Bring your apple cider to a nice boil, pour into the tiki mug of your choice and add your schnapps. Sip carefully, the beverage you are about to enjoy will knock you on your ass.