370 Is That A Cocktail In Your Compression Pants?!

It took us 10 years of tiki shenanigans before we got a nice hibachi pupu platter.  On this episode Sunshine and Kalani break in the new toy with several hot meats and spicy dipping sauces.  These sets have gained popularity again lately, even reappearing in non polynesian bars and restaurants.    This bit of snacking nostalgia is perfect for two, three or four people.  Available on Amazon.  

In the cocktail shaker this time is Cherry Bonzai (Recipe coming, technical difficulties with our linked pages).  Pineapple infused rum, aged 151, pineapple and cherry juices along with homemade falernum are a potent libation thats balanced and full of fruit flavors.  The inspiration for this cocktail was really nothing more than wanting to use our pineapple infused rum in more than one drink.  You may also enjoy Pineapple Freesia.  

New Rum!  Well, new if you haven't tried either of these yet.  We came across Sun Rum while on a flight from LA to Seattle.  Sun Rum Liquors distills several spirits in Seattle, including Aged Rum, Gin and others.  Alaska airlines offers Sun Rum on many of its flights but we were initially put off by the seemingly low quality and astringent silver rum.  Then Sunshine was gifted a bottle of the amber aged rum.  Wow, what a difference.  This lightly fermented cane rum has notes of butterscotch and honey.  The flavor is sweet, light and just a bit herbal.  At 47% ABV its a very nice mixing rum but does well served on the rocks.  

Next up is Bacoo 5yr aged rum, a product of the Dominican Republic.  This rum appears to be so new to market that their website has no information other than a logo.  Here in the Zen Tiki Lounge we are big fans of Rumhattans and Bacoo is great for enjoying with a little vermouth and bitters.  With natural sweetness and an aroma of burnt sugar, this was a very nice rum under $20. Also available in 8yr and 12yr.