369 Ho Ho Ho, Gotta Get A Drink In The Zen Tiki Lounge

Aloha and Cheers!  This is our annual Holiday Spectacular.  Its best to just mix yourself a drink and listen to this episode.  All four hosts are here in the lounge to exchange tacky gifts, enjoy some of our favorite holiday exotica and let the year go by.  Be sure to visit our cocktails page for a half dozen recipes that will tickle your taste buds with winter cheer.  

Holiday Exotica Track List:

Enchanted Xmas: The Blue Hawaiians

Christmas Lu'au: Noelani and the Leo Nahenahe Singers

Oh Christmas Tree: The Martini Kings

Christmas Island: Jimmy Buffet

Let It Snow: The Martini Kings

Winter Wonderland: Jerry Byrd

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We have dozens of cocktails for you to try.  These holiday selections will impress your friends and family at any gathering this season.  Try one or all 6.  Cheers!