364 On Halloween, Grab Her By The Kitty Kat

Boo!  Imagine the cackle of a witch and the smell of black licorice wafting through the air.  Bobbing for apples, dry ice in a punch bowl and simple decorations of black and orange.  Halloween used to be more about a little spook with loads of fun.  Now its tilted towards putting on a better show than everyone else, much like the rest of everything else in America.  So, this podcast and our upcoming party at MOD Palm Springs are a send back to those simpler all hallows eve of the past.  Don't have a costume?  No problem, your hosts have a mask just for you.  Don't like to bob for apples?  Thats fine, we will keep giving you shots till you change your mind.  Want to debate about candy corn being either necessary or an abomination....we can do that too.  How about some vintage candy like Bit o' Honey, peanut butter kisses and Banana Split Chews?  Yep!  The tricks are still a surprise, so dont' ask.  We hope you enjoy this episode of ZTL and if you join us at MOD don't forget to buy a wristband to attend all the event has to offer.  

By the time this episode posts you will have just days to get your wristbands for the don't miss October event in sunny Palm Springs, CA.  MOD Palm Springs is hosted by SHAG and Rory Snyder.  In its fourth year the event remains cozy yet full of mid century goodness.  You won't want to miss out on dozens of craft cocktails, live music from bands you may or may not have heard of (hear something new!), loads of vintage shopping and a small event feel that means you can really talk to people and enjoy your drink.  Did we mention the pool!  

Taking a moment to recall the Halloween of your childhood is likely to bring out the best in your imagination.  The smells were smellier, the tastes were tastier (and had no calories) and the sounds were scarier.  As children we still have the awesome ability to let a little bit of stimulus become memories we never forget.  That is the cast with Sunshine and his love of old Halloween horror albums.  Back in 1980 something, the parents would put on records of spooky stories and eerie sounds while we ate popcorn with the lights turned off.  Those were the days.  If you want to try this out in your adult life, we recommend these two albums, still available on ebay when you can find them.  

We wouldn't leave you hanging without a few cocktail ideas for your Halloween shindig.  Try Voodoo Kiss or the Black Sapphire Martini.  One sweet and one savory.   http://www.zentikilounge.com/drinks/black-sapphire-martini-and-voodoo-kiss

We wouldn't leave you hanging without a few cocktail ideas for your Halloween shindig.  Try Voodoo Kiss or the Black Sapphire Martini.  One sweet and one savory.  http://www.zentikilounge.com/drinks/black-sapphire-martini-and-voodoo-kiss

Sunshines Husbands' sister just returned from Iceland and brought us some of the official spirit of the volcanic island nation.  Brennivin is a unique tasting spirit, very much like drinking liquid rye bread.  And, as odd as that may sound this spirit is quite tasty and works really well in dirty martinis or nice over ice.  Learn more....about Brennivin on wikipedia

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