331 Tiki Caliente 7 LIVE Podcast

Full show details coming soon....we're sobering up

Tiki Caliente 7 takes us back to the original TC hotel site.  After years of being away, the hottest tiki event in the country has returned to the Caliente Tropics.  From the decor of your room to the bar and then the pool, the Caliente Tropics is just the right amount of kitsch and mid century modern.  We spent 4 days enjoying cocktxails, relaxing to live music and eating plenty of great food.  

Friday night we hosted the Totally Tacky Tiki 80's Dance Party.  We can't do it justice without pictures.  But, we can tell you that it was the most fun we ever had throwing a room party.  Everyone danced their asses of to great new wave 80's while drinking vintage cocktails of the time.  A decade when Blue Hawaiians, Long Islands and Sexy Beaches were the libations of choice.  :(  So we made them all a little better.  Click here for our recipes.

From Left: Blue Hawaiian'd, Maui Iced Tea, Just Sex

Next year we get really tacky

A blurry 80's dance party.  The best kind.  

Rocky Rogue cocktail sponsored by Selvarey Cacao Rum

Panana Punch cocktail sponsored by Selvarey Silver Rum

Party decor and favors by Sophistatiki aka Dawn Frasier lend a hand to any polynesian themed gathering.  These decorations look good enough to leave up all year.  Plus, Dawn makes custom shirts and other wearables.    Visit her site and get some of your own Sophistatiki designs.  

5 Minutes of Rum Podcast is the place we recommend for the rum nerd in you.  Kevin gives great cocktail recipes along with an indepth look at each spirit and a history of origin for your drink.  Subscribe to the podcast and don't miss an episode.  


Poly Hai 2015 Prom

Music from Troy Fernandez, The Hula Girls, Jason Arimoto, Glasgow Tiki Shakers, Martini Kings, The Jimmy Psycho Experiment and Tiki Joe's Ocean.  

Starshine shows off a bottle of Selvarey Cocoa.  Those little cups were soon filled with Rocky Rogue cocktail.  Cute marshmallows  

The Poly Hai 2015 Prom was an evening to remember.  All of us put on our most fun party clothes and headed to the ballroom.  The Ding Dong Devils played live while we danced and mingled all night.  Like any prom there were plenty of picture moments and gentlemen and ladies enjoying their disguised booze.  :)

From Left: The Senator, Starshine Tiki, Sunshine Tiki, Harlow, Kalani Tiki, The Dark Passenger

Whenever we are out o the road we record a LIVE podcast.  The TC7 LIVE recording was our most well attended and most fun to do.  The audience was in high spirits and enjoying spirits.  "What's in Kalani's Bra" was the hit game show as always.  

Our LIVE podcast recording at Tiki Caliente 7