330 Panama Punch With Selvarey Rum And Poly Hai

Have you been to Panama?  Neither have we.  Though we might like to visit after drinking copious amounts of Selvarey Rum.  For a few weeks now Sunshine has been mixing with Selvarey silver and cocoa.  Our cocktail on this episode of the podcast uses the silver version and combines the tropical flavors of a punch recipe with fresh squeezed juice.  Follow the recipe to mix up your own Panama Punch or just visit the bar at Tiki Caliente 7 and order one.  

There is a special bonus cocktail recipe in this episode.  Just four simple ingredients to create a warm and fruity cocktail with grapefruit, rum and vanilla.  Try this with fresh squeezed juice only and you won't be disappointed.  Listen to the podcast for the recipe.  

This episode includes an interview with Kari Hendler and Matthew Rios, the forces behind Poly Hai.  What?  You aren't already enrolled for this semesters classes.  Mix a cocktail and log on to Poly Hai via facebook to choose your classes.  Then, see us at Tiki Caliente 7 and join us for the Pep Rally and Prom.  More school pride than you can handle sober.  

We are enamored with these fun party favors designed by Dawn Frasier aka Sophistatiki.  Dawns art captures the kitsch and fun of Polynesian pop with a very vintage feel.  These new party favors look great.  You can feel the warmth of the glass floats and practically smell the pineapple and coconut.  Visit her site on etsy for these favors and more of her art including custom shirts and more.