332 Sunshines Favorite Things Birthday Special

Happy Birthday Sunshine Tiki!  On this episode of the podcast Sunshine brings you a few of his favorite things to enjoy on his birthday.  All you have to do is mix yourself a cocktail and listen along.  Currently, Sunshines favorite cocktail is the Rumhattan.  Just look at that lovely image calling you to a tropical destination in cocktail style.  Use our recipe to make not just this drink but many others.  

Most of us associate celebrations with music and a birthday is no different.  Sunshine plays you a few selections from each of his three favorite exotica artists.  Arthur Lyman, Martin Denny and Les Baxter are all classic exotica artists that you should all have in your collection.  Throw on some music from these gentlemen and your sure to feel like sipping a libation while doing little to nothing but relaxing.  

Surprise!  Harlow and Sugar Tits dropped by the lounge to deliver some gifts.  Not only did the ladies bring some great gifts, but most of them were rum based.  We sip and enjoy while conversing about more of Sunshines favorite things.  And thats about it.  A light show filled with inebriation, friends and music.