306 Dirk Yates, Poly Hai and Koop Kooper

Every once in a while we put together a show that is jam packed with tiki and mid century goodness.  This is one of those very shows.  But first!  Lets drink!  Sunshine and Kalani are enjoying Ginger Esque.  Another simple yet tasty cocktail that won't require you to set sail for any remote destinations to find ingredients.  We love our ginger.  Not only is ginger anti-inflammatory, but it is good for the tummy and soul.  Pineapple is also known to be an anti-inflammatory and works so well in this drink.  One optional ingredient is ginger bitters.  If you LOVE your ginger, get some.  If you are merely a now and again enjoyer of this fabulous root, you can go without and still make a lovely beverage.  Starshine is drinking Iced Lava Java because she has recently discovered that citrus kills her tummy.  Try this coffee rum drink on your next warm morning or afternoon.  

Now that your a little saucy, how about a little bit of reading material.  Koop Kooper of the Cocktail Nation program has release his second book of interviews.  You have hears us talk about his podcast and radio show before.  Always a go to for swank advice, mid century tunes and interviews with people from the past and present who make all the fabulous music, art and libations.  In this latest book Koop interviews almost 20 folks, many of whom you will recognize and a few you will want to know more about.  Brian O'neil of Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica, the band Nutty, Nicholas Lamansky and El Gato Gomez are just a few.  The book is now available on Amazon, just follow this link.  

You can't fully enjoy your cocktail without an artistic experience.  The Tiki Art of Dirk Yates will certainly help.  Dirk Yates has been creating tiki themed art for many years.  He resides in sunny and warm Palm Springs and often hosts gallery events.  If in PS, check in on his website to see if a gallery event is going on while you are in town.  Currently Dirk is creating the art of the Lost Island Kingdom of Lana Pua.  Witch Drs, Volcanoes and Jungle Orbs.  Oh my.  Sunshine had the pleasure of meeting Dirk in person at the International Tiki Marketplace in Huntington Beach.  Click this link to visit the next marketplace and you may see Dirk along with a host of many other artists, musicians and trinket salesmen.  

Our episode actually contains educational programming this time.  Weird, huh!?  Poly Hai is current enrolling new students and you don't want to miss out.  Kari Hendler and Matthew Rios are working hard to get the word out and bring in new students.  Classes include: RUM Snobbery 101, Tiki Speed Dating, Poly Pop 101, Tikivangelism and many more.  If you ever wanted to be surrounded by those who know that Kitchy and Cheese are in the eye of the beholder and often imbibe several rum drinks in secession, this is the school for you.  Listen to the podcast for lost more info.