307 Our World Cup Is Filled With Cachaca And Bossa Nova

Dropping by the Lounge this week, Kalani and Sunshine do their best to pander to the World Cup crowd by creating a cocktail inspired by Brazil and music to match.  Bossa Nova and Samba have long been a part of exotica.  Many artists have covered popular tunes including Les Baxter, Martini Kings, Tikiyaki Orchestra and Quincy Jones to name a few.  We play them all today on the show.  Perfect to set the mood for a quick trip to South America.  What about that cocktail?  Try mixing Sao Paulo Sunrise either one at a time or by the pitcher or punchbowl.  Cachaca, Brazilian rum and the simple orange are just about all you need for this one.  Goes down so easy you may have to watch yourself carefully.

Also on this episode, we christen our new tiki bowl by artist Eric October.  Everyone should have a nice tiki bowl from an artist you have met vs. the mass produced stuff from China.  Eric often attends tiki events and shows his wares to those travelers who appreciate the polynesian art of kitsch.  Visit his site for examples of his print art and hand crafted items.  

In answer to a listener questions we recommend a few apps and books one might want to have handy.  Finding a tiki drink you can make with what you have on hand is always easier when you whip out your phone and use a sweet app like Total Tiki by Beachbum Berry or Top Shelf Drinks.  Maybe you have just 5 ingredients.  No problem.  Pop them all into the app and you will see what drink you can create.  

Some news from The Revomatics as well as music on this episode.  The Revomatics have a few shows coming up including a show with Dick Dale on 7/20/14 and a surf cruise with The Madeira and sponsored by Lucky Joe's Tiki Room.  All of you in the Milwaukee area this Summer will want follow the links and hit these shows.  

Last and least.  A visit by Campri Kraken.  This time Campari is answering listener questions and doing a little fortune telling for those who dare is terrible and self centered advice.