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When was the last time a cocktail looked this good!?  Right!

When was the last time a cocktail looked this good!?  Right!

Sorry kids, its been three weeks since we recorded a podcast.  Sunshine, Starshine and Kalani have been galavanting around the country on Summer vacations and working the grind.  We finally found a few spare moments to sit at the tiki bar and drink till we get a little interesting.  This hour of recorded shenanigans required more editing than most of our shows.  We hope the final product is enjoyable.

For starters, our cocktail is Tahitian Exotique.  This libation was served at Tiki Caliente 6 this past May.  One might say it was the favorite cocktail of the weekend.  OK, based on feedback via social media, we ARE saying it was the most popular cocktail of the weekend.  Use the link for the recipe and make this one yourself.  A great Summer drink or any time of year.  You must use Rhum Clement V.S.O.P. for this beverage to turn out right.  And in general, use the specific liquor the bartender or mixologist recommends.  These things do matter a great deal in recreating the final product.  Rhum, Vanilla, fresh fruit juices and a dash of orange bitters come together for a refreshing and exotic drink you and your friends will love.  

With a nice drink in our bellies we are more than happy to share that our little tiki podcast is in the current issue of Tiki Magazine & More.  THE publication that proudly showcases tiki, mid century modern, cocktail culture and so much more.  Read Q & A with Sunshine and the Ladies, a great drink recipe and the directions for making Sunshines Very Spicy Rum.  Follow the link to subscribe and get every issue delivered to your home or tiki bar.  You can also get a copy at many tiki themed events and at the world famous Tonga Hut in North Hollywood or Palm Springs.  

Other conversation in this episode includes how to solve a sleepless night with equal parts melatonin and rum (talk to your Dr. first), making cocktails with B.G. Reynolds Falernum (please excuse that Sunshine mispronounced this as B.J. several times...an easy mistake) which turns out to be our new house bottled falernum.  And we round out the show with a few tunes by Tikiyaki Orchestra for good measure.  

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