278 Floridian Sinkhole Swallows Liberace

We continue to search for the perfect form of entertainment.  This dimly lit tiki bar isn’t just for drinking.  As you will hear in this weeks episode, podcasting has finally become mainstream.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.  Sunshine, Starshine and Kalani are happily hosting bar and sipping a married cocktail.  By married we mean the combining of two drinks to create a hybrid with even more complexity.  The Floridian Sinkhole is born!  With both pineapple and coconut flavors the drink harkens to a lady we call Pina Colada.  But much better!  A little heat and some spice to liven up a familiar taste.  Get the recipe on next weeks episode.  Till then, fashion the cocktail of your choosing prior to listening to the show.

SQ FloridianSinkhole.png

By listener request the listener mail is recorded in Pumpkin’s vagina.  This was no easy task since she wasn’t in the mood.  A few drinks later and Lil John gets his wish.  Discussion includes where to get your tiki online and ways to spot clean a rug.  Exciting!

Once back at the bar the conversation is even less professional.  Kalani blasts the author of a cheeseball book about finding the perfect man by transforming yourself.  Kalani really hated this book.  She actually couldn’t put it down she was so angry.  Starshine changes the subject to share memories from Tiki Caliente 5.  Just two weeks ago we were all enjoying the sun and fun of Palm Springs.  And, for the first team we organized and judged the room crawl at the event.

Hear some great tunes from Tikiyaki Orchestra, Les Baxter, Kahuna Kawentzmann and Martin Denny.

Drink of the Week: Floridian Sinkhole