279 Do Shizer Films Belong In A Tiki Bar?

We really try to record a podcast every week or so.  But every now and then a little more time passes between shows.  After three weeks off, Sunshine, Starshine and Kalani are at the bar sipping another cocktail and sharing stories.  Sunshine had a newfound desire to use up some of his aged rum.  Choosing Ron Zacapa 23, we throw together a classic like cocktail with dark brown sugar, lemon juice and an herbal tea.  A flavorful sip and a powerful punch.  A cocktail this simple yet tasty deserves a fitting name.  But, we haven't thought of one yet.  You can still get the recipe below.  We also try Kirkland Select Spiced Rum, yeah that Costco stuff and put the kitsch back in your household cleaner.  Make a scented cleaner that says "You"

Lemon Grog Recipe

Camp in an Airstream trailer in the California Desert

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