277 LIVE At Tiki Caliente 5, Palm Springs

Drink: Jeannie's Wish

Many podcast listeners ask us about the weekend tiki events.  They usually want to know what to expect.  What to bring.  What to wear.  How much fun will they have?  They want tips to enjoy their weekend.  Well, thats what this podcast is about.  We invite listeners and Tiki Caliente attendees into our hotel room for a LIVE podcast.  Highlights of the show include cocktails, listener Q&A, BBQ Tiki Ribs by Michael Contos, plenty of music, and everyones favorite game "Whats in Kalani's Bra."  It wouldn't be a great show without some cocktail recipes, see below for those.  So rather than type anymore, just listen to this weeks show to hear exactly what its like to be in a room full of fun loving tiki enthusiasts.  Cheers and Mahalo

Tiki Caliente Info

Mod Palm Springs, coming this October