233 The Crazed Mugs And PopTiki

Aloha Listeners!  Sunshine and Starshine are here in the Zen Tiki Lounge on our last podcast before Turkey Day.  We have some great music for ya by The Crazed Mugs, their album Find Forbidden Island.  Ken Kanaka was nice enough to send us a disc and we couldn't help but play our favorite tracks on this weeks show.  Be sure to grab your own CD by clicking the link and showing The Crazed Mugs your Mahalo!  We also have a new mug courtesy of PopTiki.com, the offiical tiki mug of the Zen Tiki Lounge.  Our Lovely new mug featured on this weeks show art is the Hei Tiki, a deep purple Maori figure that holds plenty of rum.  With music and booze flowing we jumped right into turkey day shenanigans, perhaps a bit too much politics and started our Xmas lists.  Do you have as much rum on your list as Sunshine?  What better way to get the more expensive rum you just haven't added to your bar yet?  And one more thing to do with that rum, make ice cream.  But freezing liquor isn't easy.  So you need this awesome book "Ice Cream Happy Hour" that shows you the science of boozy ice cream making and 50 recipes to go along with it.  Now the holidays really will be bright!  Theres a lot more squeezed in there so enjoy the show and see you after Thanksgiving.