232 Stuff Your Turkey With Twinkies, Rum And Marshmallows?

We never intended that this weeks show become Thanksgiving centric.  But, it did.  Sunshine and Kalani talk about odd things to stuff inside your turkey including twinkies, pina colada marshmallows and a hefty amount of rum soaked cranberry stuffing.  Yummm.  Sunshine gives a few other ideas to livin up that boring turkey day dinner and add a little tropical flare.  Our drink this week is an old favorite, Kalani's Punani.  Go back and check the show notes from podcast #193 for the spicy rum recipe that you need for this cocktail.  And in podcast #196 you will find the drink recipe.  With rum in our tummies and dreams of turkey we dove into current events.  Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain and Rick Perry are up to more shenanigans.  And how about that Penn State BS!?  Yet more reasons to frequent your local watering hole.  We throw in a a good deal of listener email and questions as well.  Enjoy the show and cheers. Don't forget to get your limited edition Big Orange Richard from PopTiki.com.  Listen to this show to find out how, while supplies last.