231 The Big Orange Tiki Mug You Must Have!

With three of us in the lounge this week, things get loud.  But for good reason.  After a good wait we are very pleased to announce that PopTiki.com has kindly crafted their hot selling Moai mug in a brazen orange just for fans of the Zen Tiki Lounge.  Listen to this podcast to get the details on how to get yours.  Kalani is adept at using colorful metaphors to describe both Richard and her fondness for the libations we put inside him.  One such libation is a new creation from Kahuna Kevin, who has another cocktail book about to hit the internet.  In his first book Kahuna Kevin's "Why is the rum gone?", we were introduced to dozens of fabulous cocktail recipes with tantalizing pictures sure to tickle anyones taste buds.  We were lucky enough to try one of the newest cocktails form volume two on this weeks podcast.  But, you can't get the recipe until the book is released later this year.  Click the link to pre order your copy NOW.  And thats just a taste of whats in store in this episode.  Enjoy the podcast and tell a friend.