234 Holiday Songs With Exotic Flare

Sunshine Tiki is solo in the Zen Tiki Lounge this week.  As promised, this is our annual holiday music podcast.  I have chosen each song to tell a familiar story, a tune everyone knows, but with a more exotic flare and maybe some instruments you don't here to often.  Each of the artists played on this weeks show have their music available online for download.  How much easier could it be?  Just listen to the show and find it all online.  Of course the holidays wouldn't seem right without a cocktail or two.  So check out the recipes/drink ideas below to add some additional merriment to your gatherings.  Next week we will be back with our holiday gift giving special.  Just in time to help you find something special for the tiki fan in your circles.  Enjoy and Mahalo! Sunshines Very Spicy Holiday Rum

1.75L Gold Rum (Cruzan or Bacardi work well)

2 Vanilla Beans sliced length wise

10 whole cloves

12 Allspice berries cracked

3 Cinnamon sticks cracked in half

Put it all in the bottle.  Turn upside down once each day.  On day 5 use a permanent coffee filter or cheese cloth to strain out the bits.  Remove the cloves.  Put everything back in.  On day 7 remove the allspice bits.  The cinnamon and vanilla bean stay in forever, building more character.  After a total of 14-21 days you are ready to enjoy this very spicy rum.  Great with equal parts pomegranate juice and fresh OJ.  Also great used in a rum cake recipe.  Try it on the rocks or make your own holiday concoction.