229 Get Your Man With BBQ Scented Body Spray

What a joy it is to have Pumpkin in the lounge with us this week.  Her discourse on encouraging women to wear to BBQ scented body oil is nothing short of amazing.  Her belief is that women will bag that next husband by smelling like cured meats.  Hmmmmmm?  She also ponders her boyfriends wish to have her dress up like a slutty super hero for Halloween.  Sunshine totally supports this costume idea.  And, let it be said.  Pumpkin is pretty good at sluttin herself up when she wants to.  We do answer some listener mail, including Halloween Punch recipes and fun things to do in your tiki bar for the most wicked holiday of the year.  We give advice on last minute Halloween costumes, throwing an impromptu party and ask our listeners their thoughts on the current tiki/pop revivial.  Pumpkin shares thoughts on turning Better Homes and Gardensclassic recipes into vegan masterpieces.  Sunshine goes on and on about bringing jello back to the center of American dessert table.