228 Pan Am, Doritos And Jell-O. Kitsch Galore!

Sunshine continues to be inspired (though inspire may be the wrong word) jello concoctions of the 40's, 50's and 60's.  As the US economy powered through time after WWII, desserts like jello were in every home.  We try another version that attempts to combine lime jello, green olives and cherries.  After surviving this weeks appetizer, Starshine gives her suggestions for additional Ben and Jerry's flavors.  Including Cincinnati Bow Tie, Dirty Sanchez, Gemini Chocolate Sofa and Schlong and Nuts.  We also discuss the hype around Nibiru, a supposed dark matter planet that is hurtling towards Earth and will cause the end of the world approx October 14-16. Luckily the hosts the Zen Tiki Lounge will be enjoying the end times in Las Vegas.  Where else would you want to spend your last moments than a glitzy casino with ample smokes, drinks and shenanigans?