227 A Dark Rum Punch Drowns The Monday Blues

This week, Listener mail and feedback inspire much of the conversation.  Sunshine, Starshine and Kalani drop in the Zen Tiki Lounge for ours and your weekly dose of inebriated conversation.  Birding, Fall Tiki events, hobbyist collections, art by Tiki Tony Murphy, Eric October and mugs by Pop Tiki are all subjects on this weeks podcast.  Hows that for a run on sentence?  Sunshine shares some tips on bar spices and other fun "extras" you need in a well stocked tiki bar.  We also give a nice big shout to the upcoming GOIN' PRIMITIVE event coming this October in Palm Springs from the same great folks that brought you Tiki-Caliente.  Listen to the show, sip a drink and tell a friend.  Mahalo and Enjoy