226 Cottage Cheese, Jello, Couponing, and 9/11?

Every now and then our podcast takes a slant at inebriated political commentary.  This would be one of those shows.  But rest assured that only 20% of the show is "deep."  The rest is a load of shenanigans as usual.  Kalani and Sunshine discuss 9/11 and the lessons we may not have learned.  We also share thoughts on the many pitfalls of organized religion.  On the lighter side, everyone but Pumpkin tries a vintage jello cottage cheese salad.  Believe it or not, it was pretty tasty......black cherry jello with cottage cheese and cool whip.  Wow!  And what about luau pool parties when no one gets in the pool?  It's a pool party!  Get wet!  We also toss in some tips on extreme couponing and what products to be aware of in the frozen isle.  Remember, just cause it was cool in the 60's does not make it OK now.