206 Japan, Libya And Jesus Make Us Drink

Could there be more wrong with the world?  Probably not.  Sunshine and Starshine are in the Zen Tiki Lounge this week exploring current events through the lens of a strong tiki libation and stimulating music.  The Chief Lapu Lapu is a tasty passion fruit rum drink that slides down easy and relaxes the mind and tongue just enough to discuss the heavy issues facing our global society.  You could discuss politics and religion anywhere, but nowhere is better than your home or local tiki bar.  Starshine shares some great thoughts on the battle for democracy in Libya and Sunshine is preoccupied with Christians promoting abstainance only as "the best birth control."  But however you prevent pregnancy, your welcome in this bar.  And lets not forget that Japan is only starting a very long healing process and your thoughts, donations and support are very much needed.  Visit the American Red Cross to donate to the crisis fund.  Listener April donated $115 and we are sending her an autographed book and ZTL T-Shirt to say Mahalo.  Listen to this episode for the details on how you can make a donation and get a great ZTL gift in the process.  And, lets not forget that tiki events across the globe are coming up fast.  First is Tiki Caliente in Palm Springs this May.  Click the link for all the details and find out how you can get your wristband before they sell out.  And they will sell out FAST!  Mahalo for listening and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and friend us on facebook.