207 Tropical Easter Baskets And Balderdash

Sometimes the work week seems extra long and arduous.  Your hosts here in the Zen Tiki Lounge just want to help all of us relax a little after all the BS of life.  Sunshine Pumpkin and Starshine are drinking and dishing the weeks hurdles.  We toast the week by drinkings "Cobra's Fang."  In hone of the Egyptian cobra that escaped from the zoo in the Bronx.  To everyones surprise, the cocktail melds very strong flavors into a tasty rum vacation of sensual inebriation.  In our listener mail segment we give out the recipe for Palm Springs Punch, sent in by Rory "Wildsville" Snyder, who organizes Tiki Calienete.  Check the link for tickent and reservation info to the awesome event in Palm Springs and see the ZTL crew at our room party.  Get the drink ingredients ready for next week so you can join us for a podcasting first.  A drinkalong podcast with our listeners all over the world.  After drink number two, Pumpkin and Starshine discuss trading sexual favors for household improvements.   The American way.  Sunshine brought in some examples of tropical candies that work great in your tiki Easter basket.  And remember to be green, use only baskets or holders that are reusable and server a purpose.  Try putting all your candy and toys in a flower pot for example.  Something useful, not a disposable colored plastic piece of crap.  Our Last Call song of the week is "Jealous Heart" by Bryan Smith and the New Hawaiians. Enjoy and Mahalo!