205 Tikis Unite To Assist In Japan Relief

We really wish our podcast this week wasn't necessary.  But, Japan has been hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami.  And we are calling on all our listeners to dig a little deeper and increase those relief donations.  Even with this heavy subject matter we still couldn't bring you and episode of ZTL without a cocktail and some exotic tunes.  We're drinking Greybeards Ghost, recipe compliments of Beachbum Berry.  Back to the serious stuff.  Sunshine challenges listeners to make a large donation and we will send a few gifts out to say Thank You for your support of the Japan relief effort.  During our mail segment we hear a first hand account of how the earthquake has impacted a show listener and also given us a great idea to keep our rum safe in a a natural disaster.  And it isn't like the world had enough problems, but the Republican party is using the nuclear disaster in Japan to further their cause to derail Obama's green energy efforts.  Really?  Is this the time for that?  NO!  Another drink please.  And keep em coming.  At what point to politicians NOT use the death of thousands of people to move ahead?  Disgusting.  Lets have another drink.  Anywho, we do toss in some humor and lighter times here and there.  Please listen, donate to the relief effort and help our friends in Japan.