180 Crushed Ice, Green Parties and Tiki News

This show/podcast is many things, but it is not one thing.  As this episode showcases, we cover just about everything.  If you ever wondered the best method for crushing ice for cocktails and what size that ice should be?  We got it.  Need tips on reducing the environmental impact of your next party?  Done.  Where to find healthy veggies for your family? Want to buy and drink booze and save the planet, check.  How about some info on upcoming tiki events or a review of past events.  Also, check.  Toss in a good helping of exotic tunes and some a really big daiquiri and were all set for this weeks shenanigans.  Starshine joins Sunshine this week and we delve into some of the flotsam of current events.  Americans continue to get fatter, Hawaii 5-0 is back, Escapism is the "new" hip pastime for home decorating, banking scams by major institutions, men are giving more hugs and liking it......and so on.  When you can't get away to your favorite bar for a while to escape just join us here in the Zen Tiki Lounge. Our song of the week is: Build Your House  Underground by Kava Kon

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Sunshines Daiquiri:

3 cups chopped frozen fruit

2 cups crushed ice

6oz Rum (any kind you like, I prefer half silver and half amber or dark)

Splash of OJ or Pineapple juice, just enough to get things moving around in the blender

Put everything in a good blender and give it a whirl.  Serves 2 to 3 depending on the size if your glass.