181 Prop 8 Makes Us Want a Big Stiff Drink

Kalani and Sunshine in the lounge this week.  We decided to polish off the rest of the house mixer and the cocktail we made with it was roughly a gallon.  This set the mood for some great exotica and plenty of info on the upcoming tiki events around the globe.  THEN it hit us.  Why can't people just be OK with other people?  We didn't figure out the answer to that one but we did debate the Prop 8 mystery to some extent.  Come on, just mind your own business and let folks be who they are.  No one is forcing anyone else to do anything they don't want to.  Insert second cocktail here.  And now, Target and Best Buy are up to some shenanigans with recent political contributions to alleged anti-gay organizations.  Again, why can't people just get along?  Well, we may have gotten off topic and diverted to a dozen or so tangents but we manage to provide a rant about SAVING THE COCKTAIL PARTY!  In this economy we all need a nice libation and some friends to shoot the breeze with.  So plan your cocktail party soon.  Before the world really does end. Find out where The Exotics are playing next

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