179 Sailor Mary Makes A Stiff Libation

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SQ LG PalmSky

For the third time in over 5 years, all four hosts are here in the Zen Tiki Lounge.  This episode may be a bit loud, reminiscent of a drunken frat party, but still very well worth the listen.  Sunshine, Pumpkin, Starshine and Kalani are all here fighting to own the microphone.  To get us started we try the newly concocted Sailor Mary cocktail.  This punch like drink is bright red and well garnished and will be served at Tiki Oasis for our official room crawl party.  Can't make it to Tiki Oasis or one of the other weekend events this Summer, just stay tuned to this podcast for highlights and shenanigans.  Pumpkin is ahead of her game this time and is sharing her list of BS holidays for the month of August.  Don't forget to celebrate national hair pulling day?  And, by listener requests, we have added 100% more exotica to the show.  The tunes are louder and we play em longer.  We will also be ditching Pumpkins usual quote at the end of the show for a song from one of our favorite bands or a classic exotic artist.  This week we play out the show with The Exotics and their wonderful tune "Shanghai."  We still have a bit of room for a few more listeners  to join us for a live podcast in August if you are attending Tiki Oasis, just send a note to mail@zentikilounge.com to let us know you are interested.  Cocktails will be served, 21 and over ONLY. Visit us on facebook or Twitter by clicking on the links at the top of the page.  Subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss any of the shenanigans, use the iTunes or RSS badges also at the top of the page.

Sailor Mary

2 ounces Sailor Jerry Rum

.5 ounces Passion Fruit Liquor

2 ounces unsweetened Cranberry Juice

1 dash Angostura Orange Bitters

Squeeze of fresh Lemon

Shake lightly with ice.  Strain into hurricane glass filled with crushed ice.  Garnish with orange segment, cherry and umbrella.