175 Theres Gold "RUM" in Colorado

It's been a while since your faithful hosts got genuinely tossed during the podcast.  Both Sunshine and Pumpkin suck down a delicious drink made with Montanya Oro Rum, a smooth concoction that sneaks up on you.  Our music this week is none other than the Bikini Beachcombers, some great tunes that make any day by the pool or lake that much more enjoyable.  Hell, you could even spend a day doing yard work, sipping a mai tai and the easy sounds of drum and uke will take you away.  Pumpkin brings us the tiki news this week, all about Southern California events of tiki and zen culture.  She also shares some more info on super foods, those helpful little fruits and veggies that are both tropical and GOOD for you.  Sunshine rants a bit about Linda Lingle, the flip flopping governor of Hawaii, who just can't seem to decide if she likes or dislikes gay people.  Or in political speak, she doesn't want to commit to any platform until the very last minute so she can get as many votes as possible.  Typical political BS.  Stupid Linda Lingle.  We toss in lots of other useful subjects and so not so useful blathering.  Big Mahalos to Montanya Rum and the Bikini Beachcombers for making this episode fun for us and the listeners. Be sure to visit the link above for recipes and ordering info for Montanya Rum, one of the best rums Sunshine has every let pass his lips.

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