176 Crawling all the way to Tiki Oasis

We hate disappoint but we didn't quite get around to doing the cinnamon challenge this week.  Why?  Because Sunshine never checked to see if he had the cinnamon.  We will save that one for next week.  Joining us for the first time is a new friend of the lounge, Captain Banana.  CB hails from San Francisco and shares his own brand of intoxicated shenanigans.  Sunshine is reaching out to listeners for tips on controlling cat dandruff.  Any suggestions?  He also gives the details on our Tiki Oasis room crawl and you can register to be an official crawler at Tikicentral.com, check on the string about Southern California specific tiki events and follow to Tiki Oasis room crawl.  We can't wait to share our newest cocktail, the Coral Beauty.  The theme this year is ATTACK OF THE PINK FLAMINGOS!  Scary and tacky.  Our music this week is from the amazing Les Baxter, you can pick up the album on iTunes or eMusic: Ports of Pleasure.  Not enough blabbering yet?  The three of us share our thoughts on over medicated America and the frequent visits to the shrink just so we can feel good about ourselves.  Therapy or bitching?  You decide.