174 The Mexican Headhunter Goes to France

Pumpkin is fresh back from her trip to France with stories to tell.  Kalani is just plain drunk, yet entertaining as always.  And that leaves Sunshine to try and hold the show together.  At the suggestion of a listener we try a fabulous cocktail from Beachbum Berry's latest book, Remixed.  The Mexican Headhunter is tequila drink with a long list of ingredients.  Two of the ingredients, the honey mix and sage syrup you will have to make from scratch just to enjoy the beverage.  But after a few minutes in the kitchen you too can enjoy a Mexican Headhunter.  Not only do we have a special drink but also some great Summer music.  Our featured band this week is The Exotics and their album "Lost Album."  This surf rock extravaganza is full of solid tunes and an awesome garnish for a day at the pool with a cocktail.  After the headhunter set in, Sunshine rants about the EVIL Meg Whitman and her campaign to buy the governors office in California.  Pumpkin tells us all about the totally BS holidays in June, including take your dog to work day.  Kalani ends the show with a little story about her tattoo, which is also the album art for this weeks show.  Check out the podcast for more details on Tiki Oasis and ways to find cheap quality booze.