173 Gary Coleman's Swan Song

Sunshine and Starshine here in the lounge this week.  And we are very happy to have some great music for you this show.  New tunes from both the Bikini Beachcombers and The Exotics.  Be sure to follow the links to get your own copy of the music and find out more about the bands.  Our drink this week comes to us from the Beachoutpost blog, by Brad Beach.  The Cruzan Blue Coco Mojito is a damn refreshing beverage if we do say so ourselves.  This drink is just a taste (pun intended) of the great stuff you can find at Beachoutpost.  But now that we have some booze in us and the tunes are inspiring, it turns to Gary Coleman.  Yep!  Gary has left us for good and both of your hosts have a few words of praise and admiration.  Sunshine also chats a little about last weeks Tiki-Caliente and calls upon the spirits of the Hukilau for good karma.  While we were recording this podcast our friends over in Ft. Lauderdale are living it up at the Hukilau and the world famous Mai Kai.  We admit that jealousy is within us.  Good luck to Duda Leite, he is premiering Tikimentary In Search of Lost Paradise and Sunshine has a cameo.