123 Twitter me a cocktail please!

Twitter! Twitter! Twitter!  We tried our best not to give in but now we are twittering with all the other wannabes out there.  At least we use this not so marvel of the modern age for good rather than mediocrity.  Sometimes we twitter for cocktail suggestions, sometimes we just want to let you know about a cool new tiki bar.  Thats not so bad.  But lets not forget the rest of the show.  Monique joins us this week, three hosts are better than two.  Sunshine is obsessed with flax seed and cocoa powder, its all about the antioxidants.  Pumpkin shares her thoughts on Furverts, a fun and strange fetish sweeping the nation.  Monique is here to help our female listeners get more in touch with themselves.....if you know what we mean.  Lastly, Pumpkins dog Charlie visits and gives the gift of flatulence.  Stinky.  So mix up a tiki drink, sit back and pretend you are in the lounge with us.