112 Vegan Condoms, Cocktails and WAMU SUCKS!

Happy New Year Tiki Friends!!!  Both Sunshine and Pumpkin are excited to be starting another year of podcasting here in the Zen Tiki Lounge.  We certainly don't waste anytime, the cocktails are flowing, conversation running and shenanigans continues.  Our cocktail is straight from Sunshines fridge, specifically the leftover ingredients from all the holiday parties.  A little passion fruit juice, some pineapple, Appleton rum, Ten Cane rum...throw in some bitters and a dash of lemon.  Impressive for leftovers.  I call it "California Passion Cocktail."  Part of the inspiration comes from our weather.  While many of our listeners are burried in snow, we are enjoying some fairly decent temps here in Sunny So Cal.  Pumpkin delves into the naughty subjects as always, vegan condoms in a cookbook?  Yep.  Penis enlargement?  You bet.  Lets not forget the roll play we do to show you just how bad the customer service is at Washington Mutual.  WAMU has closed Sunshines account, can't figure out how or why and doesn't really seem to care about helping to reopen it.  Thats wonderful.  Enough reason to drink.