121 Vegan Tikis and Armpit Fetish

Pumpkin is seriously obsessed with her vegan cookbook, but would you believe theres a chapter on throwing a vegan tiki extravaganza?  Yes, there is.  And would you believe just how many people engage in "armpit fetish."  Far to many not to turn your stomach, but to each his/her own.  Freaks!  Odd subject matter is of the norm here in the lounge, and so are cocktails.  This week we try some Voodoo Tiki Tequila, a smooth spirit with some special idol charm.  Pumpkin gets a little loud after her tequila and Sunshine complains about the digital afterlife that more and more of us are "living."?  Plenty of reasons to put our little podcast in your brain.  Cocktails, chit chat and shenanigans.