110 Tiki drinks make the holidays brighter!

Aloha Tiki Friends!  Pumpkin is out of the lounge this week, so Starshine dropped by for cocktails and shenanigans.  We both wanted a little bit of holiday cheer so the holiday tunes are playing and the stories are reminiscing.  To fully enjoy the moment I whipped up both a hot cocktail and a nice cordial for dessert.  Both are great for any of you holiday outings, mix some up for friends.  After her first drinky, Starshine got a little unprofessional and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Do you remember the Christmas sausage from way back, she asked?  Who wouldn't.  And what about drag queens robbing jewelry stores, cleansing your colon, jogging off the celebratory calories and poking fun at the Brits for their version of what we call English.  Enjoy yourself with us.  We sure did. Drink of the Week: The cold killer

1 tsp honey, 1 peppermint tea bag, 2 Ricola coughdrops, 5 oz boiling water, 1 oz vanilla vodka

In an Irish coffee mug, pour in boiling water on top of coughdrops.  Brew tea bag for just one minute and remove.  Add honey, lemon and the vodka last.  Drink one or two of these to make most colds blow away.

17 Tits, Zits, Bees and TP

The show is a tribute to Summer and all that goes with it. BBQ's and booze, what better pair? We read some listener email from England, give some advice on parenting and use dirty body part names for no reason at all. You know you want to listen.

Drink of the Week Octopus 1.5 oz light rum 151 1.5 oz OJ 1.5 oz Passion fruit nectar Dash of Angostura bitters Soda Hold the soda, pour the rest into a large snifter. Fill with finely crushed ice. Top with soda and stir. Garnish with a whole papaya.

Next weeks drink Have the following ingredeints ready: Vodka, Blue Curacao, Fresh lemon juice, fine sugar.

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