11 My balls hurt after eating jelly beans and hot dogs.

Drink of the WeekPassion Fruit Margarita 2oz tequila 1oz orange liqueur 1oz passion fruit puree 1oz lime juice 1oz simple syrup ice blend all together, salt or sugar rim of glass if you like.

Next Week's Drink Have these ingredients ready: Spiced Rum, Blackberry Brandy, Strawberry Daquiri Mix, Orange Juice, a blender.

PSA: End religion based oppression of gay students. Hi there ladies, itâs me, Wanda Wisdom, from equalityride.com, and learn more about the organization, the riders, and their experiences. It goes without saying that these folks deserve our support. So check them out today! Thank you, ladies! Have a great one! Toodles!

Show Notes Sunshine and Pumpking discuss the heavy topic of ball pain and the hot dog bun conspiracy. Old ladies have stinky poo farts and let it all out. We are disgusted with the upcoming movie Flight 93. Our lovely President has surely pushed for movies that will continue fear of other nations....supposed terrorists! What a jackass!!