59 Pumpkin is back from the Islands...Aloooooha

Pumpkin is back from paradise. A whole week on Kuaui and a few stories to tell. Not to mention an entire list of drinks that make you want to hop over to the islands. Have you ever wanted a hot dog filled with mango? Maybe pineapple. We didnt' either but you can get in Kuaui. How about some cheap gas? Maybe a visit to the Coco Palms, home of Elvis Hawaiian villa. Pumpkin gives lots of reasons to visit the green island. Sunshine didn't get to go on the trip but still has lots to talk about. Families that drink corn juice, dogs that eat crayons and a great new word...Hoopajew.

Click HERE to visit the world famous Coco Palms.

Drink of the Week
1/2oz lime juice, 2oz pineapple juice, 2oz passion fruit juice, 1/2oz honey cream mix, 1oz Bacardi gold rum, 1oz Ron Rico dark rum, dash angostura bitters, dash orgeat syrup. Add all to blender with crushed ice and blend well. To make honey cream mix: equal parts honey and sweet butter. Warm honey slightly in microwave and whip together with room temperature butter with a wisk or mixer until it forms an even yellow cream mixture. Store honey cream in a refrigerator or freezer.