58 The Puka Bar and the Cocktail

Sadly, the Puka Bar is now closed.

Road Trip!!! Sunshine and Pumpkin go out on the road to the Puka Bar. Nestled in the quaint ocean hamlet of Long Beach sleeps the little known Puka Bar. Step inside for many a polynesian cocktail and some tunes on the juke box. You feeling it? Well anyway we did go to the Puka Bar and a nice little place it is. This week we also discuss the plight of the brontosaurus, Gods dumbest dinosaur. Don't forget to check us ot on myspace and be our friend.

Drink of the Week
Witch Docotor, Yellow Bird, Snow Monkey, Pele's Punch
When your at the Puka Bar be sure to order one of their tempting hand crafted rum cocktails. We recommend the Witch Doctor.