48 Pumpkin gets her DIRTY on and tries to save the Seahorses

Pumpkin has her panties in a bunch over the new ass bleaching fad. Have you ever wanted a pinker ass? Pumpkin tells you how to do it. Pumpkin also tells us about the horrible things people do to seahorses just to get a boner, it's so sad. Sunshine gives the latest on why George W is a little pussy. Lastly we tell you the story of a new character at the lounge, Mozzarella Lady.

Click HERE to visit Kavakon.com. A great exotica group.

Drink of the Week
The Nalu
2oz Vodka
1/2oz Blue Curacau
3oz orange/guava/mango juice
This drnk comes to us from Maui, the Aloha mixed plate restaurant. Make sure to put the strawberry puree in the bottom of the glass. Then slowly poor all other ingredients from shaker over the strawberry for a red and blue layered cocktail. Garnish with a strawberry or edible orchid.