47 Cheers, here's to a new year of cocktails and shenanigans!

Sunshine is staring the new year off with a real bastard of a cold. Hopefully a few drinks and some bitching will cure all. The Zen Tiki Lounge will try some new things this year, much to the dismay of Pumpkin who hates role playing. Keep your minds out of the gutter, it's not that kind of role playing. The show will continue with plenty of drinking, shenanigans and the usual banter between your two favorite podcasting lushes. Did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas? We did. Sunshine received more gift cards than he knows what to do with and Pumpkin got the cold hard cash she always wanted from Daddy!

Click HERE to hear and see Renn Loa and the Hawaii Project.

Drink of the Week
Berries and Cream Martini
3oz Harry and David Berries and Cream mixer
2oz Vodka or Gin, maybe even Rum
Chocolate rimming sugar
In a large shaker double the ingredients and make this for two. Shake with ice and strain into rimmed, chilled martini glass. It just doens't get any easier. This is a great mixer, using fresh fruit and wholesome ingredients. No high fructose corn syrup here.