340 LIVE At MOD Palm Springs III: The Asparagus Surprise

This is a re-post of our recording from Mod Palm Springs 2015.  Rory Snyder and Shag are our hosts with the most at the third annual MOD Palm Springs event.  Rory pops by the recording of the LIVE audience show.  The Do-it's  also join us to give the low down on the band and tell some jokes for the children in all our lives.  You will noticed that Kalani and Starshine are not here for the episode as they had to return home early.  So, one of our long time listeners sits in to play Whats In Kalani's bra, or in this case its Violets bra.  We finish off the show with The Outta Sites lead singer Chris Sprague.  For a finale we play you a few tunes from the Do-it's and The Outta Sites.  

You may notice we had so much fun we didn't realize the same song was on repeat in the background for the entire show.  You may also notice Susan Nelson turn into a sea lion after eating asparagus, that was a real treat.  

More show notes and drink recipes coming soon.  We are still resting our liver and getting some extra sleep after 4 days of party.  

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