327 Periscope Up, We Spy Selvarey Rum

This week we fool around with a new spirit and a new app.  Starting with the rum of course, we are sipping on Selvarey silver and cocoa.  Since last Summer this outstanding cane spirit has been making its way into tiki bars and the best cocktail lounges.  Sunshine, Pumpkin and Starshine all give their first opinions and a quick try at mixing a cocktail with our new favorite Panamanian rum.  Its hard to find a silver rum that is good on the rocks and in cocktails.  Selvarey Rum is just that.  And then comes their dark aged cocoa infused entry.  When it comes to flavored spirits there are many loses that taste sweet and artificial.  Selvarey does not disappoint.  Since a good cocoa spirit is hard to find we almost prefer this over the silver for its uniqueness, but they are both staying our the bar shelf in the Zen Tiki Lounge.  On the next episode of the podcast we will share a cocktail featuring Selvarey rum, tune in to get the recipe and mix along at home.  


Another great liquor find on this weeks episode is a little something south of the border.  While on a cruise to Cabo, Sunshine picked up this AMAZING vanilla liquor.  We haven't seen this one at any of our local liquor depots but we are going to start looking.  Just an ounce or two in club soda creates a creamy vanilla soda that you probably can't stop drinking.  Try a little in coffee or black iced tea.  Delicioso!

Next up is Perioscope, the new app previous acquired by Twitter and now LIVE for your streaming needs.  Periscope is a live video stream for anyone who wants to show the world what they are up to 24/7.  Share a few seconds of your life or longer.  When watching a stream you can tap the screen to give the sender hearts.  You can also comment live and hear what the person behind the phone has to say.  So far we have seen plenty of first timers attempting to make sense of this well done interface.  We will try streaming live from the Zen Tiki Lounge just a few times to see if this catches on .  The nice thing is that when you start a stream it posts automatically to your Twitter feed so all your friends know you are showing off your goods.  

Listen to the entire episode for cocktail tips, how to save that FAILed drink recipe from the trash heap.  And some advice from our resident vegan who shares her favorite recipe for Banana Oatmeal cookies that aren't just vegan but also gluten free......and damn GOOD!  Use the link above to visit Fettle Vegan for the cookies and much more.