300 A Celebration Of Tiki Goodness In The Zen Tiki Lounge

Every 100 episodes of the podcast we invite listeners into the real Zen Tiki Lounge for cocktails and a celebration.  Just over seven years ago Sunshine and Pumpkin started recording this little show.  Over the years we have been joined by Starshine and Kalani, now four hosts who have logged hundreds of hours behind the microphone.  To celebrate, we fixed up the favorite cocktail of each member of the crew.

Sunshine Tiki enjoys a slightly bitter, strong cocktail.  Back in May of 2011, he put together a drink called the Sand Pirate and served this at Tiki Caliente 3.  Using his signature Very Spicy Rum, this drink combines grapefruit, lime and lots of spice for a hot or cool time in the desert.  This was also our first room party at TC.  And we have enjoyed throwing them ever since.  

Pumpkin has always had a thing for the sticky sweet drinks that you can find on cruise ships and tropical islands.  Her preferred version of the Yellow Bird calls for a high proof coconut rum rather than the typical Malibu.  Anything over 35% ABV will do.  Throw one or two of these back and be careful.  They sneak up on you.

Starshine likes a free drink.  She isn't terribly picky.  Although she favors sour over sweet, almost any libation made by someone with a fair amount of talent will make her happy.  But in a pinch, the Salty Dog or Greyhound can be found in her rocks glass.  Not tiki at all, but a great standby.  

Kalani once got lost in a stairwell of a hotel in San Diego after drinking too many of her favorite concoction.  Marooned is the name and marooned was her situation.  Go back in time to Tiki Oasis 2009 for memories of just how silly a girl can get when a party drink gets too sweet.  

Our newest tiki mug by  PopTiki of Colorado .  Lil (Dick) Richard.  22 ounces, 6.5 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide.   Buy him here...

Our newest tiki mug by PopTiki of Colorado.  Lil (Dick) Richard.  22 ounces, 6.5 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide.  Buy him here...