273 Tiki Caliente 5 Update And Interview With Rory Snyder

Flaming plate of Peeps. Because why not?

Ok, so this is a loud podcast.  Taking the show on the road again, to the home tiki escape of Rory Snyder.  While sipping cocktails made with Deadhead Rum Sunshine, Starshine and Kalani enjoy a swank cocktail party @ Calsita.  Rory is busy organizing and planning Tiki Caliente 5 and took some time to chat and drink with us on the podcast.  With just 45 days till the event you will want to listen to this episode of ZTL to get all the details you could possibly want.  Rory also answers a few listener questions and some less appropriate questions posed by Sunshine.  For all the fun, listen to the show.  We end the program with two Arthur Lyman tunes chosen by Sunshine and Rory.  Cheers and Mahalo Use the links below to get great music and products while supporting Zen Tiki Lounge.  We do need to pay the internet bill.