272 Tonga Hut, Tiki Mugs, Mojave Oasis and More Deadhead Rum

On this weeks podcast you will want to overlook the slight audio quality issues and stick to it. Our first segment brings us a cocktail in the works.  Using the aged Deadhead Rum, Sunshine is working on a tasty libation to be served at the upcoming tiki events Mojave Oasis and Tiki Caliente 5.  Cocktails never come out right the first time.  Or fifth or tenth.  A good drink is often played with over time and individual bartenders like to make their own adjustments to drinks as well.  Sunshine plays with his concoctions a few times before unleashing them on the ladies who can give feedback on overall servability since they have different tastes.  And, when a cocktail pleases all three ladies we know we have something special.  So, our goal is to take our I Dream of Jeannie inspired cocktail to a place that will make anyone feel like they have a mystical bottle trapped minion.  Stay tuned or join us at either of the above events to taste this one for yourself.

Did we mention that Big Orange Richard was back in town?  For a limited time our friends at PopTiki.com are making another small batch of our official tiki mug.  $45 plus shipping gets you our big 24oz mod orange moai.  Follow this link for more pics.  Want yours now?!!  Send a request to mail@zentikilounge.com and let us know you want a mug before they are sold out.

Stewardess vs. Flight Attendant?  Bartender vs. Mixologist?  We discuss.

What would you do if you faced several major operations at one time?  How would you pay for it?  We don't know either.  And thats why we want to get the word out and help Richard Cheese who we have played on the show before.  He needs a corneal transplant and we can all help by making a donation of any size using this link: Help Richard Cheese get a new Eye.  When you donate you can choose some merch items or choose to let all of your donation go towards the cause.

Catch some great music from The Revomatics and Kitty Chow and Fisherman on this weeks podcast.  Both acts can be seen and heard live at Ohana: Luau at the Lake this June in Lake George, NY.  Great stuff!

We also have a real nice interview with Amy Boylan from the Tonga Hut in North Hollywood.  A little history on the longest lived tiki watering hole in Los Angeles.  You need to visit the Tonga Hut if you haven't already.  In the interview you will find out Sunshine's dirty little secret.

Take a look at the art of El Gato Gomez.

Sunshine gives you Part 2 of our "How to host a hotel room party."  Tips on making sure everyone including the hosts enjoy your hotel room shindig.  Or get some tips on attending one of these fun events.

See, you have so many reasons to listen to this weeks podcast.  A lot more than we felt like typing here in the show notes.

Cheers and Mahalo

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