270 Passion Pineapple Mojitos And A Tiki Bar Psychic

Campari Kraken Black
Campari Kraken Black

Kalani and Sunshine are in the lounge sipping a variety of flavored and classic mojitos.  People often ask what drink or drinks to server for a group when they have little behind the bar experience.  A mojito is a great option.  Few ingredients and can be customized easily with little effort.  See Sunshines batch recipe below and invite your guests to experiment a little at your next cocktail party.  Our music this week is an album we found on eMusic.com.  "Exotic Lounge Essentials" is a decent album with a large track list of exotica classics covered by Ethel Azama and Tak Shindo.  Good album to put on and just let it go so you don't have to worry about a play list.  Is it erotic per say?  Nah.  After a few drinks and some music we are joined by resident tiki bar psychic Campari Kraken.  CK answers a few listener questions and tells a fortune or two.  And in true self aggrandizing style, he subtly informs people how trivial their lives really are.  We finish the show with a tune from our friends The Revomatics, White Cap Sunrise.  Cheers and Mahalo!

Mojave Oasis April 12-14 2013

Tiki Caliente 5 May 17-19 2013

White Cap Sunrise by: The Revomatics

Drink of the Week: Pitcher of Mojitos 

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